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ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

Old change logs from 2015-2016-2017

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Changelog 2015

- Added new map - Nemere's Watchtower (Snow Dungeon)
- Was changed (improved) drop for Watery Cavern 1 and 2

Vote4Coinswas changed:
- Two new vote site were added
- From now your reward depend on player level on sub-accounts. As higher level you have as bigger reward you'll receive!
REWARD = Round(Max. Level / 10)

- Has been started Christmas Event
- Were added weapon-skin system
- Were added daily gift system (only for players above 99 lvl.)
- Has been fixed OX Event
- Has been fixed bug for wolfman skill

- LET'S PLAY! Finally servers are ready and waiting for you :)

Changelog 2016

- Christmas event activated
- Okay card game added
- Monkey's dungeon changed (you won't be teleported back when kill the boss; est time for boss: 1 hour; time for killing a boss: 45 minutes;)
Experience Ring (M)Experience Ring (M) added in Itemshop

- Was decreased protection level for 'macro' (new limit: 15 times per second)
- 100% success chance for extracting alchemy stones added for 'Dragon Tongs' Dragon Tongs    (available in Alchemist shop for 250kk gold)
- '
Walk through shops' feature added
- Monkey's dungeons changed (rest time for boss: 1H; time for killing a boss: 1H; you need to be in party in order to enter in boss-room)

- Protection against 'macro' added
 - You can open offline and usual shops only in
safezone or on trade map. You cannot open shops too close to each other
- Coins added in inventory window
- Added possibility to sell items for coins via offline shops
 - Hometown damage bonus was disabled

Halloween Event added
- Offline shops added

- PvP-balance on Elysium was changed (almost all classes were boosted in order to get equal chances in PvP)

- Offline messages were added in game (you won't miss any message)
- Chat history was added into whisper dialog
- From now you can join PvP-Tournament via Berserk menu
- Deleted possibility to buff while you're in Anti-Camping mode
- Deleted possibility to buff in PvP-Tournament
- Fixed weapon-skins bugs for
- Youtube costumes were added yt_male.png yt_female.png (available only for youtubers)

- New pets were added (Meley's Baby Seal 53141.png and Meley's Baby (Purple) Seal 53142.png), available in Itemshop
- You're able to use return coins feature for Wind Chaser Boots and Experience Rings
- Entry limits were changed for some maps: Green Valley (Lv. min. 90), Thunder Desert (Lv. min. 140)
- Was added Alternative Crafting (check out Blacksmith NPC)
- Sidebar help-menu was moved into inventory window
- Bonus switcher has 3 slots for items, also you're able to use scrolls from Beginners Box now
- You're able to add bonuses with enchant scrolls on costumes and weapon skins

- New maps were added Temple of the Ochao and Enchanted Forest
- New weapons and upgrade materials were added level 170 PvM and level 180 PvP (more info)
- Mobs amount for Hunting quest in Devil's Catacomb map were reduced (more info)
- New upgrade materials were added into Daily Gift
- Effective bonuses were added to mobs on low level maps (info in wiki)

- Reward changed for 'PvP Master of Kingdom' quest, now you'll receive Magic Metal x 10 as reward
- Mounts and White Flags are disabled for PvP Tournament

- New Vote4Coins site was added
- Blink/Alert in taskbar when new message received

- Were added more missions in Hunting quest (up to 210 map). Also in additional you'll receive coins reward when finish a mission, reward equals mobs amount in mission / 2
- Drop rates for low level maps were increased (maps: WC1, WC2, Green Valey, Cursed Green Valey)
- High level
metins were added in Rain Event

- Now you have possibility to add any players in "Block list", if player is there you'll not receive private/shout/chat messages from him
- From now you have possibility to disable Insult filter
in game (available in game options)
- Also was applied few security fixes. You aren't able to equip/unequip/use some items too fast, - more than 2 times per second. Fixes for channels/game stability were applied

- Transport Box 53100.png which allows you to move/trade pets (available in Itemshop)
- Stay4Coins feature was enabled again (at the moment it works in 'usual' mode, - it's harder to gain coins in compare with 'event' mode)

- Pets are able to grow now (their size depend on level)

- PvP-tournament quest/map was added to our server

- Possibility to refund costumes on Elysium for 249 coins. In order to use this feature drop costume on Hong-Hae NPC
- Added protection for Dragon Chests. You cannot open the chest if alchemist quest isn't finished

- Summer Event was activated
- Summer sale. You'll receive 50% (during 1st week) bonus from all coin's purchases during event
- Teaching quest was added
Daily gift system was changed
- New horses available in Itemshop

- Pets are able to
pickup items (available via pet menu)
- 4th slot for stones were added on weapons/armours

- New high level maps (Nephrite Bay, Cape Dragon Fire and Guatama Cliff. Available at Seon-Hae NPC)
- New armors (level 175, 180, 190, 200. Available in game and in Item Shop)
- Fire/Lightning/Wind Resistances were removed from pet bonus menu. Strong against monsters was added instead

- Easter Event activated
- Pet system was improved (you need equip seal to summon a pet, you could have up to 7 bonuses on pet)
- Mounts system changed (check out Hong-Hae mount shop)
- Added new pets, costumes, hairstyles
- Inventory gold limit increased
- Beginner's Box and Daily Gift are changed
- Shoulder sashes effects are fixed
- Warrior's bunny costume fixed
- Level 75 weapons added to Weapon Vendor

Midgard improvements:
- 100% default rates
- 150% TT Rates
- 200% NW Rates

Shoulder Sash system added to our servers.

- Changed game user interface
Return Coins feature for Midgard

- From Tuesday till Thursday EXP, Gold, Gold Bombs and Items rates will be increased up to 50% (TT Rates)

- Pet system was changed/improved. More info you may find here

- New lifetime hairstyles added in Itemshop -> Costumes
- Halloween event will ends at midnight

HWID lock system changed

Halloween event added
Mallable hairstyles added in game (Itemshop -> Costumes)

- Bonus switcher updated (from now you're able to switch up to 7 items at same time)

Easter event activated
- Costume event added (from Monday till Tuesday you're able to drop costumes from
metin stones)

- Rain event improvements
- Success chance for item's upgrading was increased (values in wiki)

- Changed interface for trade window
- Fixed wrong position for
metin stones (if you'll notice some at wrong place, please report them)
Hunting quest changed (increased min. coins reward and decreased cooldown time)
Rewersal scrolls fixed (was problem with old sashes)
- Changed default bonuses for some level 170 accessories
- NW event changed (empire points will decrease if no one from kingdom on map)

Hunting quest changed
- Stay4Coins feature deactivated
Discord server created

- Improved security for your accounts with adding HWID Lock system
- Lifetime Youtube costumes aren't tradeable anymore

- Added new level 170 accessories (belts, helms, boots, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, shields). More info in wiki. Items available in Itemshop and via upgrading of level 160 & 150 items in game
- Added target info system (qi3MJ.png)
- Added highlight effect for new items

- New sashes added: Royal Sash (custom)Royal Sash and Sovereign Sash (custom) Sovereign Sash. Available in Itemshop and via craft process of Fine Cloth Fine Cloth (dropable in game) at Theowahdan NPC
- Maximum absorption rate on sashes increased up to 25%
- You are able to combine custom sashes in order to receive maximum value of abs. rate
- From now bonus absorption process will take main bonuses of absorbed item
Lord Sash (basic) Lord Sash (basic), Master Sash (basic) Master Sash (basic) and Certificate of Reversal+ Certificate of Reversal+ deleted from alternative drop
Fine Cloth Fine Cloth added in alternative drop
-  Certificate of Reversal+ Certificate of Reversal+ available in

- 'Macro' protection was disabled for bonus switcher (you won't have problems with it anymore)
'Wanted cards' quest added in test mode

Energy system added (check out Alchemist NPC)
- Added server time in client widow
- Security improvements

Transmutation system added
- Tanaka event changed: mobs will be spawned on random positions each time
- Rain event changed: the map won't be overloaded by mobs which were spawned in previous events
- From now you're able to fix 4th stone socket at Weapon Vendor NPC
- Monkey's boss room quests changed: you won't be teleported in the city when you finish, instead you'll be placed on start position of the map

- PvP balance on Elysium was changed

That*s the old changelog from the past!

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