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How to PVP Mall

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Being in a Mall server for the 1st time is not easy to understand what is going on. So this topic is to help you with PVP Malled items.
I want to start by saying the items you should mall is the 200 lvl items and 250 lvl armor and weapons. Lower lvl items is not worth it. So don't spend your coins to any other item than 200 lvl. Before you start Malling the items should be +9 in order to be able to put the max price.
Now, when you mall your items you need to keep balance between INT/STR/DEX and Skill Damage. For example if you have 15k INT you need also 15k Skill Damage. Also you need HP.
For HP the items i suggest is Pet, Hair, Costume.
The rest, Armor, Weapon Sash can be malled with INT/STR/DEX, also Belt, Bracelet and Earrings and, Boots, Shield, Neckless, Skin with Skill Damage. Its up to you how you are gonna balance your items.
I also have some pictures for you to help you understand better how we mall PVP Items.



skill dmg.png


pvp arrow.png

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