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Forum Rules

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A. Forum:

1.    Users can only register one account. Having multiple accounts is a ban offence unless an exception is made by an administrator.

2.    The language of this forum is English, posting in another language is not allowed. This includes: posts, threads, and chats. Private chats are allowed if both parties agree.

3.    Impersonating a staff member is forbidden. This includes: user names, avatars, signatures or any other forum.

4.    User names can only contain number (0-9) and/or alphabetical characters (a-z, A-Z). Any kind of special characters are not permitted.

5.    Never share your account information with anyone. Any activity associated with it is your own responsibility. 

6.    Any form of threats that is regarding another person’s life will result in a permanent ban.

B. Post:

1.    It is forbidden to post (or link to) anything illegal, inappropriate or indecent,including: hacks, warez, pornography, scam websites, obscene material or copyrighted material without author’s permission. Software or files that might aide our community would need to be approved by CoMa before posting.

2.    Show respect towards other users and staff members. This includes: Racism, Gender, etc. Discrimination towards users and staff members will not be tolerated.

3.    Do not link or hotlink to other forums and/or games. Any linking or advertising of another forum/game will get you banned and the thread will be deleted.

4.    Please write in a way that reflects normal written language. This means no excessive use of smileys, question marks or exclamation marks or other symbols and letters. This is called spamming. Repeating the same message an unreasonable amount of time is also spam.

5.    Don’t write in all capital letters. It is equal to yelling at someone. (ex: HOW ARE YOU?)

6.    Spamming is not allowed. Advertisements and meaningless post are not allowed. This means messages that don’t contribute to the topic, messages like Agree/Disagree/Yes/No (when you agree/disagree on something explain why) or messages containing nothing but smileys or gibberish.

7.    Users are not allowed to close threads. Staff can only close them, and only the owner of the thread can ask for its closure.

8.    Post hunting (posting with the sole purpose of getting a higher post count) is also spam. This also includes: bumping and writing on old threads with the sole purpose of getting them to the first page of that section.

9.    Creating a new thread after a staff member has closed a previous one on the same subject is not permitted and can result in a warning. If your thread was closed, you can PM a staff member who closed your thread with a reason of why you think it should be reopened. This does not guarantee reopening of the thread, but the staff member will review the decision.

10.    Posting for a banned user is against the rules and will result in a warning to the user.

11.    Threads/posts can be removed or closed pending investigation by Staff.

12.    The posting of real names of other people without their permission is not allowed.

13.    Foul Language is not allowed.

14.    Any written material, once posted, becomes the Intellectual Property of Metin2United.

C. Signatures, Avatars and Profile Pictures:

1.    Signatures, avatars and profile pictures cannot include or link to sexually explicit or graphically intense images.

2.    Signatures are expected to be written in the normal fonts without any use of bolding or bigger font sized. Any use of excessive fonts may lead to the signature removal.

3.    Previously mentioned rules also apply to signatures and avatars.

4.    Signatures must not contain embedded videos.

5.    Staff can remove and/or edit any signature or avatar that does not fit these requirements without notice and warn if necessary.

D. Warnings and Sanctions:

1.    Any attempt to evade a temporary ban can result in a longer ban or even a permanent one. This includes: creating a new account, changing IP addresses to evade an IP ban, changingemail address to evade a ban on email address, etc.

2.    GA/CoMa have the right to ban a user when they judge it necessary.

E. Guidelines:

1.    Users are asked to write new topics in the designated sections of the forum, please read the forum description to know which section suits best for your thread. Please also try to give an accurate descriptionin your topic title. Bad examples would be “help”, “read this” and “look here”. Good examples would be “Character bugged”, “Error while downloading client” and “Selling BLD”.

2.    If you want to create a thread to ask a question, or about a particular topic, then please use the search function first. Searching for keywords may help you locate an existing thread on a topic. Threads created for the same purpose as a previous thread will be closed..

3.    When replying to an existing thread make sure you have read through it all before applying. You could find that somebody has said, or clarified the exact same issue you were about to post. If you also going to quote a particular post make sure you only quote the part that applies to what you are talking about.

4.    Double posting is not allowed. If you want to add something to your post use the “edit” feature instead. The exception to this is an unanswered question, you are allowed to “bump” that thread but only every 24 hours.

F. Shoutbox Rules:

1.    You are not allowed to spam or post links to any illegal website, also posting porn links is forbidden. Trades are also not permitted – this is what the trade section is for.

2.    Racist & Right Wing Radical signs or language won’t be tolerated.

3.    Foul or insulting language won’t be tolerated.

4.    English and Romanian ONLY.

5.    No videos permitted.

Please follow these rules to keep the forum clean and in order.

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