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Found 4 results

  1. Klaus

    Pet System

    Hello dear community. New pet system was added. Description/features: - Pet's menu was improved (access-able by using shit+left click on pet's seal). - Pets able to obtain level and experience (maximum level 250). - Pets has expiry time (can be added maximum 4 days duration), during this time you can summon a pet. If time will expire your seal (summon item) will not disappear and you'll be able to summon a pet when you feed it. - In order to add pet experience or feed it you need to invest some experience points from your character. Experience values scale with pet level (as higher pet you have as more experience you need to invest). - You're able to add up to 7 custom bonuses (available via pet menu) on your pet. - Bonuses values increasing with pet level (e.g. if you have 5000 HP on pet and its level is equal 1 then you'll receive 5000 HP + 1%= 5050 HP if your pet will have 100 level then its bonus will be 5000 HP + 100% = 10000 HP). - Players can not use the pet whose level 30 is higher than the player (e.g. player with level 30 cannot use pets higher then level 61). - You may find pet's seals in Itemshop -> Various Items. Best regards.
  2. Wanted card quest info: - Available from level 60 - Unlimited amount of tasks per level - Reward depend on your level (almost the same reward-list as in daily gift system) - Items count in reward depend on your level and on mob type (as rare the mob as bigger reward) - Mobs count in card depend on your level - Waiting time for new card 30 minutes (in case if you decline the task) - The card could be broken, in this case you need to wait for new card (2% chance) This quest is in test mode, may be changed in future. More detailed info about rewards will be provided later. Best regards.
  3. Klaus

    Mission Quests

    This thread will contain informations about all existing Missions within Metin2United See the list: 1: Arrival of the Dragon Stone Shard 2: Hunting Quest 3: PvP Quest 4: Research of Lin 5:Lockpicking
  4. So, the staff-team is getting a lot of questions about the cityguard quests, so I took the time to make a video about them, showing what to do. Hope you will like it.
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