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  1. Can you please provide some screenshots or videos of the problem you experienced? I would me glad to help, but I need more infomation. - Philip
  2. Yes, I can see that it's a good suggestion. There's some problems with this exact suggestion, it could too easily be abused. Malling is not only something you do to get strong in the game, but also an opportunity to experiment with our mall (To get the best of the best gear). If we do so switching SMBCs is free, people won't get that experience of making his own mall. People would only buy 1 set and keep switching the bonuses depending on switch class they're up against. I really do like the idea, but I personally think it would make too much trouble. Let's hear what the others say. - Philip
  3. Please take your time and translate it to English as well. Thank you! - Philip
  4. Here in staff we decided to remove the rule about "Only English and Romanian in shout" completely. We decided to have the shout a place where everyone can write and have fun. Therefore the rule has been removed and every language is allowed in shout chat. You still have to follow the rules standing in Game Rules. We do understand the confusion this rule has made. We take the confusion on our behalf.
  5. Thank you for your post! We will be looking into this in the near future. If you want to add more to this topic, please write me a message or edit the post above. - Philip
  6. Philip

    Windows 8.1

    KB2919355 is a windows update, I suggest downloading it from : https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=42327
  7. A great player on the server, made a video guide for alchemy. Thanks to @crusadercp it's easier to see exactly what to do.
  8. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding from the behalf of the staff team, I now have tested the quests and reported the deleted quests to Alex. It will be taken care of.
  9. Hey RabbitRun. I've tested the thing about the first quest of alchemy, and yes.. I can't get it to work neither. It gives me the first Rough stone, after that nothing happens and there's no new quest after that. I will try to report the bug to the others in the staff team to see, since it's a serious problem to fix before Elysium opens. - Philip
  10. Hey RabbitRun, I can see that the theory was wrong. I apologize for the misunderstanding, thank you for proving me wrong! I will keep the post at is it, so people can see the real theory. - Philip
  11. Hey RabbitRun, just for the notes.. the strong against Warrior/Sura/Ninja/Mage/Lycan stones DOES work! The only thing there's preventing the stones to work is the bonus Warrior/Sura/Ninja/Mage/Lycan Resistance. To make the easier to understand, the stones works but is useless if the other player have class resistance.
  12. Hello! Lately we had this myth running around that the bonus "Strong against sura, mage, ninja, lycan or warrior" doesn't work on our malled server (Midgaard) and yes it does, the bonus doesn't work with the known pvp bonus "sura, ninja, mage, lycan or warrior resistance". In order not to be fooled by the stones and the bonuses, it's not recommended to buy the strong against character unless you want to use it on a player without character resistance. Thanks for your time. - [GM]Philip
  13. So, the staff-team is getting a lot of questions about the cityguard quests, so I took the time to make a video about them, showing what to do. Hope you will like it.
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