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  1. Dragon Soul Alchemy, will make you able to strengthen your character for min 4 hours up to max 4 days, depending on the grade of it. There are several ways to get the highest Dragon Stone. How? See below! You can open the Dragon Soul Alchemy window by clicking on the green button in your inventory, or by pressing O. Before you can even start this whole dream you must have completed the mission Arrival of the Dragon Stone Shard first. Now the real work will begin. From now on (If you did enable it) monsters will drop Dragon Stone Shards. Each 10 collected Dragon Stone Shard will be transformed into 1 Cor Draconis. Cor Draconis can contain 1 of the 6 items: Rough Dragon Diamond (matt) +0 Rough Dragon Ruby (matt) +0 Rough Dragon Jade (matt) +0 Rough Dragon Saphire (matt) +0 Rough Dragon Garnet (matt) +0 Rough Dragon Onyx (matt) +0 Each stone can be upgraded in 3 different ways to reach the highest bonuses. They are named: The Class, the Clarity, and the Grade. Classes have an upgrade of 5 states. They are named: Rough > Cut > Rare > Antique > Legendary. Clarities have also an upgrade of 5 stats. They are named: Matt > Clear > Flawless > Brilliant > Excellent. Grades have an upgrade of 6 states. From +0 to +6 (it also depends on each stone). Upgrading: To upgrade a stone you have to talk to the Alchemist, and choose 'Dragon stone progressing. Class The higher the class, the more bonuses will be added to the Stone. Each upgrade requires a different amount of the same Dragon Stones (bonuses doesn't matter). Here's the list: Rough > Cut: 10 Cut > Rare: 7 Rare > Antique: 5 Antique > Legendary: 3 It can fail. If it fails, only the first Dragon Stone will be left. Clarity The higher the clarity, the higher bonuses will the Dragon Stone end up having. Here, the upgrading will need the same amount of Dragon Stones: Matt > Clear: 4 Clear > Flawless: 4 Flawless > Brilliant: 4 Brilliant > Excellent: 4 It can fail. If it fails only the first Dragon Stone will be left. Grade The higher the grade, the higher bonuses will the Dragon stone end up having. To upgrade the grade you will need the same Dragon Stone all the time, and 1 of the 3 beans: Green Dragon Bean, Blue Dragon Bean or Pink Dragon Bean. It can fail. If it fails the Stones grade will be decreased by 1. Throughout upgrading, the Dragon Stone will change. Also more bonuses will be added and increased. Bear in mind that there can max be 5 bonuses in one Dragon Stone. A list of all possible bonuses is found here on the maximum possible stone (Legendary Dragon Stone(Excellent)+6): Legendary Dragon Diamond: +12 INT | 12% Ice Res. | 18% Skill Res. | 18% Skill Damage | +18 Magic Damage | +18 Magic Attack Damage Legendary Dragon Ruby: +12 STR | 12% Fire res. | 18% Dmg Res. | 18% Dmg. | +240 AC | +360 Attack Power Legendary Dragon Jade: +600 Max. MP | 12% Wind Res. | +3600 Max. HP | 24% Max. HP | 12% HP Absorb. | 12% HP Reg. | 6% Chance to restore HP Legendary Dragon Sapphire: +12 DEX | 12% Earth Res. | 18% Strong against Warrior/Ninja/Sura/Shaman/Lycan | 18% Defense against Warrior/Ninja/Sura/Shaman/Lycan attacks Legendary Dragon Garnet: +1800 Max. HP | 12% Lightning Res. | +1800 Max. MP | 24% Max. MP | 12% MP Reg. | 12% MP Absorb. | 6% Chance to restore MP Legendary Dragon Onyx: +12 VIT | 12% Dark Res. | 12% Chance to avoid arrows | 12% Res. against piercing hits | 12% Res. against critical hits | 12% Chance to block close combat hits | 12% Chance to reflect close combat hits If you wish to remove an equipped Dragon Stone, you can either do it by hand or using Dragon Tongs. This item will increase the chance to keep the stone. You can buy this item by pressing on Alchemist > 'Open Shop'. We know the Dragon Stone will expire. It lasts 4 days from the first class, and it will only last 4 hours on the highest class. To increase the time limit, you have to use Tongs of Time. Drag this item to an unequipped/useless Dragon Stone. Be aware that it can fail. You can buy this item on Alchemist > 'Open Shop'. Now, depending on the previous lasting time you will either get 1 of the 3 Elixirs: Time Elixir(S)(up to xx minutes),Time Elixir(M)(up to xx minutes) or Time Elixir(L)(up to 500 minutes). The time which is appeared on this Elixir can be retrieved to an existing Dragon Stone The time that appears on the Time Elixir, will be the amount of time that you will be able to add on an existing Dragon Stone. Drag the Time Elixir to an equipped Dragon Stone in order to add time. This progress has 100% success. It all looks like a drama to create such stones, but there are several chests dropped ingame, or available in the Itemshop. These chests can provide you useful stuff. Dragon Chest is currently dropped from Ignitor Box. It will give: 20x Rare Dragon Diamond(Excellent) +4 20x Rare Dragon Ruby(Excellent) +4 20x Rare Dragon Ruby(Excellent) +4 20x Rare Dragon Saphire(Excellent) +4 20x Rare Dragon Garnet(Excellent) +4 20x Rare Dragon Onyx(Excellent) +4 100x Pink Dragon Bean Legendary Dragon Chest is currently dropped from Razador Box and Nemere Box. It will give: 1x Legendary Dragon Diamond(Excellent) +6 1x Legendary Dragon Ruby(Excellent) +6 1x Legendary Dragon Jade(Excellent) +6 1x Legendary Dragon Saphire(Excellent) +6 1x Legendary Dragon Garnet(Excellent) +6 1x Legendary Dragon Onyx(Excellent) +6 6x Time Elixir(L)
  2. Metin2 Fishing Guide Everywhere in-game there are lakes, seas and rivers. You can use a fishing pole when you reach level 30. How to Fish First you should get a fishing pole and bait (you can choose between worms, minnows or riceballs) by the fisherman. After having the fishing pole and bait in your inventory you’re all set to start fishing: put the fishing pole in your hand and go to a fishing place (best choice would be a bridge). Now all you have to do is to put the bait on the fishing pole (you can click on the right button of your mouse or put the bait in a shortcut). By doing this you throw the fishing pole and then you just have to wait for the fish to hit the bait. When this happens, there will appear a fish icon above your head and an image showing that a fish hit your bait. When the image disappears you count 2-3 seconds and hit space again to take off the fishing pole. The Fishing Pole Your fishing pole earns points in a successful use in order to upgrade your fishing pole, but you don’t earn these points very often, so it takes some time to upgrade it. When you get all the points needed to next upgrade, you can go to the fisherman and upgrade your fishing pole. With a better fishing pole you get better fish. Like all the items the upgrading of your fishing pole can also fail, but does not break, if it fails, it will downgrade one level. The chance of breaking increases depending on the level of your fishing pole. The fishing pool has many levels, in each level the number of points you have to make increases. Level Points Chance to Upgrade 1 | 10 | 100% 2 | 20 | 88% 3 | 40 | 77% 4 | 80 | 60% 5 | 120 | 55% 6 | 140 | 48% 7 | 160 | 44% 8 | 180 | ? 9 | | ? Fish’s and items To use the fish’s you have to click on the right button of your mouse to open it. You can get many things: 1. The fish dies, and you get a dead fish in your inventory 2. The fish escapes in the botton of the sea (can also happen in Waste Land) 3. You get a fishbone 4. You get a Clam 5.You get your bait back When you have many dead fish’s you can grill them in a bonfire (you can buy it by the fisherman for 20.000 gold). You can get many fish’s while fishing: Brook Trout Use: Restores 600 HP. Perch Use: Restores the unusual sitation. River Trout Use: Restores 230 MP Goldfish Use: can give a golden key Grass Carp Use: Increases attack speed by 20 by 10 minutes Big Crucian Carp Use: Restores 350 HP. Carp Use: Increases movement speed for 10 minutes Catfish Use: Restores instantly 500 HP Salmon Use: Restores 350 MP Lotus Fish Use: Restores 500 HP Mandarin Fish Use: Restores 180 MP. Clam Use: Pearl Rainbow Trout Use: Restores 600 MP. Rudd Use: Increases agility by 10 for 10 minutes. Shiri: ? Mirror Carp: ? Stint: ? Tenchi Use: Restores intantly 230 HP. Crucian Carp Use: Restores 180 HP. You can also get Hair Dyes: Bleach Return your original hair color. Blonde Hair Dye Turn your hair color into blonde. Red Hair Dye Turn your hair color into red Black Hair Dye Turn your hair color into black. White Hair Dye Turn your hair color into white Other items Like in the real world, people throw the garbage to seas, rivers and lakes, so you can also get these: Escapee’s Cape Use: Hides your rank. Gold Ring Can be sold in store for 10.000 gold Sage King’s Glove Use: Receive double Hostile Killer Points when killing monters Lucy’s Ring Use: Receive double Hostile Killer Points when killing monters Sage King’s Symbol Prevents user from dropping items. Silver Key Can open Silver Box and Silver Box + There’s also by the fisherman a Fishing Manual (it costs 2,000 gold) and for 20 minutes increases the chance of getting better fish by 2% and it says in normal chat what you are going to fIsh (get) With this knowledge you can create a more efficent way of fishing and becoming more patient when fishing, once you start to have a certain time you have to wait to take off the fishing pole. Fish/Item Seconds Crucian Carp 2 sec Big Crucian Carp 3-4 sec Mandarin Fish 2 sec Salmon 2 sec Catfish 2 sec Brook Trout 2 sec Minnow 1 sec Carp 2 sec Grass Carp 2 sec Lotus Fish 3 sec Hair Dye 2 sec Gold Ring 2 sec All of the values is just approximate values
  3. What is the Energy System? A Vitality Pearl increases all the bonuses on your equipment up to 10% for 30 minutes. The time will only run when you are logged in.You can see the status of your Energy Bar above the coin by dragging the cursor over it. How do I get a Vitality Pearl? You need to fuse items that has a bigger level than 80 at the Alchemist NPC to get Vitality Crystals. If you have collected 30 Vitality Crystals, you can melt them into a Vitality Pearl How much will it cost? In order to fuse a Vitality Pearl, you need 10.000.000 Yang How many Vitality Crystals can I get for one item? You can get between 0-25 Vitality Crystals for each item When can I use the Energy System? You need to be minimum level 55 to use the Energy System What can I give the Alchemist to get Vitality Crystals? You can give any item that is above level 80 and so on. Check our wiki to see all your options! Can it fail? There is a chance for failing, but the higher quality the item is, the bigger change will there be to make it successfull. First attempt will always be successfull. What is the Energy icon? The Energy icon will let you know the status of your Energy
  4. Sashes are items, visible on your character. Its final goal is to absorb bonuses and use them on the Sash. They are useable from any level, and every class. Combining and absorbing statuses makes it possible to lighten your character, however, it is not done easily. Combining we understand taking 2 sashes of the same class, upgrading it to the next class. We have 4 classes: Basic Fine Noble Custom The absorb rate is the amount it takes the bonuses from your item. Only weapons and armors can be taken to this system. Once absorbed, they absorb all bonuses and default bonuses. Each class has its own absorb rate: Basic: 12% Fine: 5% Noble: 10% Custom: 11-25%. Combining and absorbing can be done at the NPC called 'Theowahdan' which is staying in towns (near Weapon Vendor). Combining: Few examples what combining really is: You take 2 sashes of the same rank, let's say Fine. The slot Sash 1 is always present. Should your upgrade fail the one at Slot 1 will always be kept. Sash 2 is destroyed. At result you see a prediction of what your Sash would be like if it succeeds. And so on you do the same on all classes. You cannot combine 2 different shoulders nor rankings. Each upgrade has its own success and costs. To view see below: Basic > Fine: 80% succeed chance, costs 50kk Gold. Fine > Noble: 70% succeed chance, costs 100kk Gold. Noble > Custom: 50% succed chance, costs 250kk Gold. Custom + Custom: 30% succed chance, costs 500kk Gold. Absorbing Each class has its own success and costs to proceed. Check below: Basic: 100% chance to absorb bonuses Fine: 100% chance to absorb bonuses Noble: 100% chance to absorb bonuses Custom: 100% chance to absorb bonuses This method is free of charge. Open Bonus Absorption window. The very left slot you put the Sash you want it to absorb bonuses on. On the slot with 3 Slots you put your weapon or armor on. Finally the bottom Slot predicts you how it will look like if the upgrade should succeed. Depending on the sash's Absorption Rate, we will make some calculations: Imagine you have a sash of 5% Absortion Rate, and you want to sacrifice this item: The system itself calculate its new bonuses on the Sash, but you can easily calculate yourself: The 40% Damage is 100%, if you want 5% to calculate you simply make this sum: Bonus Value : 100% x absorption rate = 40:100x5 = 2% This sum applies to all bonuses and values. Should you end up to 1,7% for example, it will appear 1%. But yet you still have the full 1,7%. It just doesn't show up decimals. When you face minus bonuses (e.g. DMG or Skill DMG) the sum remains the same, you just remove the minus, and you'll add it again at the final sum: -11:100x5 = -0,55%. At that case you won't see any bonus. Yet it is calculated to your character it looses 0,55% Skill Damage. Now using a 20% Sash it isn't that complicated: 40:100x20 = 8% -11:100x20 = -2,2% Should this still fail (impossible at Rank Custom) the sword or armor is destroyed, the Sash is kept. If you wish to remove bonuses from Sash, you may use Certificate of Reversal+ (available in itemshop). This is how Shoulder Sash is done. For now there are 4 types of Sashes: Lord Sash, Master Sash, Royal Sash and Sovereign Sash . Also, only when the Sash is 19% or higher it would show some shining As for Midgard, they are able to change/add any status on their sash up to 250%. Put the Sash in bank and edit in SMBC.
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