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  1. PvP Tournament With Numbers It's an event that will take place in the arena map with a twist. The twist is that instead of normal PvP, 2 players will enter the ring both players will pm the staff member that is organizing the event saying a number between 1 and 100, the staff member will then use a random number generator to generate a number from 1 to 100 and the player that got closest to the number of the staff will win and go to the next round. There will only be one category! Rules : 1. Once entered the ring you cannot kill the other player. 2. Once you said a number you cant use it again. 3. Once you won with a character you can not participate with it again. If the rules are broken there is a chance you might get banned. If you have any suggestion pm me or post on forum your suggestion! The event will take place on: Tuesday 20:00 Server Time [GMT+2] Thursday 20:00 Server Time [GMT+2] Sunday 20:00 Server Time [GMT+2] Reward: 300 coins and a special visual effect for 3 days P.S.: The feature is in test mode, may be changed at any time.
  2. Klaus

    Hide&Seek Event

    Event: Hide&Seek Description of Event: One or more from the staff team will hide and you will have to find them. They will give hints every minute. Reward: Once you have found them, you will be noted down and you will get your reward that the staff member decides is suitable. The amount of round or the number of places may vary. The event will take place on every single weekday at 19:15 Server time [GMT+2] P.S.: The feature is in test mode, may be changed at any time.
  3. Klaus

    PvP Tournament

    Hello guys, do you love PvP ing and believe you are the best? Then this is the event for you! As the name implies, this event will revolve around PvP ing. There will be 3 categories so the fights are fair Level categories: 90-129, 130-159, 160-250 The event will take place on: Monday 21:30 Server Time [GMT+2] Wednesday 21:30 Server Time [GMT+2] Friday 21:30 Server Time [GMT+2] Reward: 400 coins (x4) and a special visual effect for 3 days P.S.: The feature is in test mode, may be changed in the future.
  4. Klaus

    Fishing Event

    Hello guys! Do you love fishing? Do you love getting rewarded for your hard work? Then we got just the right competition for you! All you have to do is: Get a Fishing pole and Bait from the Fisherman in map 1. Find yourself a very nice spot and catch the biggest fish! Rules: You get 30 minutes to fish - The one with the biggest fish will win 600 coins! - The one which has the 2nd biggest fish will win 500 coins! - And the player with the 3rd biggest will win 400 coins! - You're not allowed to fight. If you fight you will be disqualified! Keep your Fish in your inventory. In the end, you'll have to deliver them to a staff member to receive your reward! If you have any suggestion PM me or comment on forum down below! The event will take place on: Wednesday 20:30 Server Time [GMT+2] P.S.:x The feature is in test mode, may be changed at any time.
  5. Klaus

    Creative Shop Event

    Hello Guys, do you love art? Do you love getting rewarded for your creative style? Then we got just the right competition for you! All you have to do is: Go to Trade Map and open up a shop, then try to make it the most beautiful shop that you've ever seen! Rules: -You have 2 hours to prepare it, starting from when we say! -You are allowed to make anything you want, with any items you want!! -The 3 most beautiful shops will be rewarded with 500 coins each! -Shop Name counts in evaluation!! -After the time is over, 2 GM's or higher will choose the winners! -You are alowed to make a creative shop just from 1 account! The event will take place on: -Saturday and Sunday at 17:45 Server Time [GMT+2] P.S.: The feature is in test mode, may be changed at any time. Example
  6. Hello Guys, do you love heavy bosses? Do you love farming new items? Then [TM]Claus, [TM]Solitarius and [TM]KingArthur have the right competition for you! Metin2United Boss Event will be taking place in every Kingdom, Map1, and will take place every saturday at 20:00 Server time. Rules: -The Event will last 1h!! -Players from different kingdoms are forbidden from going into other kingdoms while the Event is active! If you break this rule you will receive a punishment! We'll spawn all kinds of bosses, starting with low-level ones and up to Jotun Thrym!! P.S.: The feature is in test mode, may be changed at any time.
  7. Klaus

    Pet System

    Hello dear community. New pet system was added. Description/features: - Pet's menu was improved (access-able by using shit+left click on pet's seal). - Pets able to obtain level and experience (maximum level 250). - Pets has expiry time (can be added maximum 4 days duration), during this time you can summon a pet. If time will expire your seal (summon item) will not disappear and you'll be able to summon a pet when you feed it. - In order to add pet experience or feed it you need to invest some experience points from your character. Experience values scale with pet level (as higher pet you have as more experience you need to invest). - You're able to add up to 7 custom bonuses (available via pet menu) on your pet. - Bonuses values increasing with pet level (e.g. if you have 5000 HP on pet and its level is equal 1 then you'll receive 5000 HP + 1%= 5050 HP if your pet will have 100 level then its bonus will be 5000 HP + 100% = 10000 HP). - Players can not use the pet whose level 30 is higher than the player (e.g. player with level 30 cannot use pets higher then level 61). - You may find pet's seals in Itemshop -> Various Items. Best regards.
  8. Wanted card quest info: - Available from level 60 - Unlimited amount of tasks per level - Reward depend on your level (almost the same reward-list as in daily gift system) - Items count in reward depend on your level and on mob type (as rare the mob as bigger reward) - Mobs count in card depend on your level - Waiting time for new card 30 minutes (in case if you decline the task) - The card could be broken, in this case you need to wait for new card (2% chance) This quest is in test mode, may be changed in future. More detailed info about rewards will be provided later. Best regards.
  9. Klaus

    Mission Quests

    Lockpicking Quest start at level: 95 Quest given by: Automatic Objective: Collect Lockpicking books. Quest Reward: Higher chance to open Treasure Chests Explaination: Lockpicking means open locks with a picker. These locks are called Treasure Chests. They can be opened with a Lock Picker. This mission makes you able to receive more chance to open a Chest the higher the level is. There is a maximum level of 6. You can increase the level while reading Lockpicking books. They drop ingame from mobs or boss boxes. The higher the level, the harder to successfully read a book. You can't open chests if you haven't read any books. This is as follows: Lockpicking level | Item | Required level | Chance to open a chest | Chance to next level 1 | | 95 | 10% | 90% 2 | | 110 | 20% | 80% 3 | | 125 | 30% | 70% 4 | | 130 | 50% | 50% 5 | | 140 | 70% | 30% 6 | | 150 | 90% | --- There are 8 different Treasure Chests. They have items inside. Here a list what could be inside: Troll's Treasure Chest, Gnoll's Treasure Chest, Cursed Gnoll's Treasure Chest, Devil's Treasure Chest,Thunder's Treasure Chest, Sunjin's Treasure Chest, Honobo's Treasure Chest, Joklor's Treasure Chest.
  10. Klaus

    Mission Quests

    Research of Lin Quest start at level: 100 Quest given by: Lin Objective: Collect items Quest Reward: Permament bonuses, Chests and sometimes EXP Explaination: Lin is searching 3 items upon 3 different level stages. The first one starts at level 90, the second at level 115, and the last one at level 130. Your objective is simple: Collect the item. This you must do, the item can fail. First Quest At level 90 Lin needs 15 Black Pearls. These are dropping from Green Valley, Cursed Green Valley and Gnoll Forest. After delivering 15 successfully Black Pearls you need to find 1 more last item: The Troll's Soulrock. Remember it ONLY drops at Green Valley. Your level does not influence its drop. It is known this drop rate is low. When you collected the item, bring the item to Lin and you will be rewarded. Your reward is: +24 Movement Speed PERM +24 Vitality PERM +24 Strength PERM Red Ebony Box Second Quest Now Lin needs 15x Gnoll Amber. They drop only at Gnoll Forest and Cursed Gnoll Forest. After delivering the item you need to find another soulrock: TheGnoll's Soulrock! Also here counts whilst farming this Stone it only drops at Gnoll Forest. Your reward is: +5000 HP PERM +24 Intelligence PERM +24 Dexterity PERM Lightgreen Ebony Box Third Quest The last bio mission Lin needs 15x Obsidian. They drop at Devil's Catacomb only. After delivering the item you need theDevil's Soulrock. It only drops at the first floor of Devil's Catacomb. Your reward is: +24 Attack Speed PERM 24% strong against Demi-Human PERM 24% strong against Monsters PERM Yellow Ebony Box Wondering why bio can fail a lot of times? You can give Lin another item together with the required item: Lin's bouquet! You can only get this item while crafting Beautiful Yellow Flower + Beautiful Orange Flower + Beautiful Red Flower by Seon-Pyeong. It will make the research 100%. You need one Bouquet per delivery.
  11. Klaus

    Mission Quests

    PvP Quest Quest start at level: 110 Quest given by: Automatic Objective: Kill 250 players Quest reward: 10 Magic Metals Explaination: Feel yourself powerful hm? Prove it to kill 250 players from another Kingdom! Cheating is not tollorated at Club. It does not make you Master nor powerful.
  12. Klaus

    Mission Quests

    Hunting Quest Quest start at level: 80 Quest given by: Automatic Objective: Kill several Monsters Quest reward: Gold, Exp. points and Coins (random value between minimum and maximum values in table) Cooldown time between missions: 10 minutes Explaination: Every time spots are threatnent by Cursing Monsters. Kill Monsters to defend the region. There is much work to be done, to protect the threatnent forever. Each level from 80 up to 220 you have a quest to kill Monsters. Each fulfilled quest will be rewarded. More info in table
  13. Klaus

    Mission Quests

    Arrival of the Dragon Stone Shard Quest start at level: 30 Quest given by: Alchemist Objective: Collect 10x Dragon Stone Shard Quest reward: Entrance to DSS, 1x Cor Draconis Explaination: Alchemist wants to teach you a legendary history technology: Dragon Soul. It allows you once completed the quest to receive powerful bonuses. More of that can be seen here. He asks you to collect 10x Dragon Stone Shard. They are dropped from ALL mobs no matter the level you are. When you have brought 10x Stones to Alchemist he will transform them into 1 Cor Draconis. He also opened your access to the DSS (Dragon Soul System). It can be accessed by pressing O on your keyboard, or the green button in your invertory. From now on everytime you collect 10x it will be automatically transformed to 1x Cor Draconis. If you wish to no longer see drops of Dragon Stone Shards you are able to disable the drop. Simply go the Alchemist and press "Shards Drop" --> Disable Shards drop. Remember this can only be done when you have completed this quest.
  14. Klaus

    Mission Quests

    This thread will contain informations about all existing Missions within Metin2United See the list: 1: Arrival of the Dragon Stone Shard 2: Hunting Quest 3: PvP Quest 4: Research of Lin 5:Lockpicking
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