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  1. Add: Make Guild/Free mode not useable in National War field.
  2. Just to prove that that theory is wrong.
  3. Hi, It doesn't work. I have tested it lot'ssssssss of time with high values, with and without resistances but it doesn't increase a bit. So I'd like to figure that out. Anyway when I said Demi-Human needs to be removed I was wrong. I forgotten the pvm part where you need this bonus so let's leave it like that. Regarding Strong Class, I need a bit more info.
  4. Most of this list applies to Midgard server. Fixes: Banker password Dragon Stone Shard/Splitter quest (it won't start after you delivered the first 10) Improvements: Deactivate option of Thief's Gloves Hairstyles last forever (not mallable) Mounts last longer I think? Add all level maps to Seon-Hae Enchant Change Scroll B / Enchant Change B sellable to NPC (you can't get rid of it unless you use them) Remove Magic Attack Power+ / Magic Resistance+ in SMBC as they are misleading names and don't have that much effect aswell Remove Strong against Demi-Human / Strong against Warrior/Sura/Ninja/Mage/Lycan in SMBC as they have no effect (or remake them to have some usefulness) (Remove those stones aswell then) What's the damn success rate of making triangles/heptagons/octa/penta blabla? Waaaaay too low
  5. RabbitRun


    Every 5 minutes? I donate EXP every 15 seconds lmao. But yea I hate clicking it over again
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