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  1. Chase

    [Promo] Events

    Hello, It's me chase with an AWESOME idea! My idea is to host an new event, which is called "Fashion Event"! Let me explain that. The content of this event is simple: - Basically, you will dress up like the theme, which is given by the hoster. You will get 1-2 minutes to dress up like the theme and the hoster will decide if you get passed or not. When you get passed, the hoster will think of an new theme, etc. The final round is different. When you reached the final round of this event, you will have to fight with that person 1v1. There's only one thing about this last round. You can't use any malled items, which is fair towards to other person, because he could have gotten no mall. When someone defeats the other guy, the winner will get a prize. Rules: - The event will start when the hoster says so. - You are allowed to prepare yourself, before the event starts. - Only one account can join to this event. - You cannot use costumes during this event. - The theme has to be simple, for example: colors. - You are not able to use malled items. - You can only use visable items. ( Armors, weapons, sash, pets and mounts ) So this is my idea ! Let me know what you think about it :). Greetings from your very own, Chase
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