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  1. Topic Closed! Answer Received!
  2. that's mean you wrong the username or the password , try to reset your password on site with the correct email from your account!
  3. You have now 4 which they are working and they are 100coins per each 😉, Mining Event it's more then enough to make coins , you have also stay4coins which it's mean to stay online, vote 400coins per 12hours, hunting quest which if you do all of it it's worth around 70000coins,+ alot of more events which they are daily, it's enough just to mine ,vote,stay online and to do hunting quest and you get full easy peasy! Regards Alex! ⚡
  4. Hy, Everyoane remember to participate on our GiveAways every week on discord there you have the link! That GiveAway it's weekly and 15 person randomly selected auto by a bot win 1,5k coins per each person, so you can join on it to you can be lucky!
  5. Community Manager @[CoMa]ALEX - speaks English and Romanian @FlasH - speaks English, German and Romanian Team Manager @Sakura -speaks English and Danish @Claus-speaks English and Romanian @Solitarius-speaks English Game Administration @Camilion -speaks English and Romanian @NoDoubt- speaks English and Romanian Game Master @Madness-speaks English, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian @QVDP-speaks English and Bulgarian @KROOKE-speaks English and Arabic Trial Game Master
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  7. You can download it just try one of our download option!
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  9. I reply to you already on discord, ely it's gonna be opened we don't know a date, we work on it and that's it, do you think if you spam always you solve something nop, we don't rush we like things to be perfect so that's why we don't rush with ely! Regards Alex!
  10. Great ideea, that's gonna be added soon just a bit changed! Congrats!
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  14. si trebuia sa faci post pentru asta ca pe chat nu puteai scrie sau pe discord? email-ul corect , codul corect si astepti sa primesti email si sa confirmi.
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  20. Dancing time when we cannot sleep ? ??
  21. Dex, skill damage and hp!