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  1. Hello everyone, For as far as people are still looking at this.. lol I'm pretty sure most of you will share my opinion on how united is "dead" there's hardly any players still playing. this needs to be fixed, I myself am not sure how we can pull in more players. tho i do have a few things which may atleast bring people who left, back. Elysium Yes, i am bringing up that topic! don't be hating me now staff! i know i know, ur already annoyed, I'm sorry, just read it. ever since the beta, Elysium was never released, release date kept being extended. loads of players were playing on Midgard waiting for Elysium. Many of those players, for as far as i know, gave up or got bored and just left. I myself am/was (depending on how you look at it) just the same. Releasing Elysium will bring players back to the game (ofcours, they will still somehow need to know about it, email's about release maybe?). If it is not ready yet, which ofcours could be. let us the players know, how far it is in progress, and what walls you encounter. there could always be someone lurking in the shadows, knowing how to fix it. Right now, if Elysium were to be released, Midgard will destroy the balance in Elysium. this however can be worked against. as there are 2 different webpages right now, for Midgard and Elysium this should make it do-able to give Elysium different coins. What i mean is, coins bought and earned on Midgard, will not appear on the Elysium account (If i am correct this was already a plan? but not sure). trading items in Midgard for items in Elysium should either be done through a staff member (Staff members should be allowed to decline aswell!), or at people's own risks. Do not implement the dragon stone shard system! (if ur asking me :p) this is too unbalanced to implement. If released, start with making the maximum level at 160 (highest gear lv140 and 150 sword + accesoires), add the levels and items above, in waves, not all at the same time. keep a few months in between releases. Those who, like me, used to play on the old metin2united, back in what was it? 2012? the malled server was never as active, as the non-malled server. atleast that is what i remember. same story goes for Club, which came after. Advertisement However people think about advertisement, it does work. This suggestion is for the people running the game and website: No I do not mean, go to a game, and shout in the chat to go this game. With advertisement, I mean, get ads on Facebook, Youtube etc. i believe one should be able to find these options on the website you want to put the ads on, somewhere. This suggetsion is for the players who want to help make the game alive: Go chat up with your old buddies who you used to play this game with, go play together with them, once more. Have fun makeing youtube video's or stream on whatever streaming service you prefer. if you have any contact with streamers or youtubers, suggest this game to them. If any has anything to add, or perhaps some adjustments, drop it down below. and let's make united great again, TOGETHER! love, Part
  2. look at me, fancy in the back there, between Phoebe and dadoo xd
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