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  1. Being in a Mall server for the 1st time is not easy to understand what is going on. So this topic is to help you with PVP Malled items. I want to start by saying the items you should mall is the 200 lvl items and 250 lvl armor and weapons. Lower lvl items is not worth it. So don't spend your coins to any other item than 200 lvl. Before you start Malling the items should be +9 in order to be able to put the max price. Now, when you mall your items you need to keep balance between INT/STR/DEX and Skill Damage. For example if you have 15k INT you need also 15k Skill Damage. Also you need HP. For HP the items i suggest is Pet, Hair, Costume. The rest, Armor, Weapon Sash can be malled with INT/STR/DEX, also Belt, Bracelet and Earrings and, Boots, Shield, Neckless, Skin with Skill Damage. Its up to you how you are gonna balance your items. I also have some pictures for you to help you understand better how we mall PVP Items.
  2. Is this your first time at a malled server? Well, here you can get some help because a malled server is totally different from a normal Metin2 server. The most important thing at first is to make a PVM Arrow! You're probably thinking "I am not a ninja". Arrows on this server works as an item and can be used on all the characters! Before I give you more details about this arrow, I want to talk about "how to earn coins". Because in order to make the arrow you will need to have the coins. There is many ways to earn coins. 1. Buy coins. 2. Make hunting quests. (The rewards for making the quests is coins, which increases after every hunting quest you've finished) 3. Participate at the servers events. 4. Stay online. (Every 10-30 minutes you will receive coins by simply staying online even if you dont do anything. You'll have to be lvl 100+) Now, the total amount of coins for the Arrow requires 6.500 coins. How do you add bonuses on the Arrow? 1. Put one Arrow at your Bank in-game and close the Bank. 2. Go to the www.metin2united.uk , login and click "Market" 3. Click at "Self Made Bonus Change" 4. There you will be able to see what is in your Bank 5. Click on the Arrow 6 Here you'll be able to see what bonuses you're able to put. Add the bonuses that 7. Finish the process and then go back in-game, open your Bank and you will see all the bonuses added to the Arrow. You don't have to add all the bonuses at once. You can add how much you want, whenever you want. This Arrow is the most important item for PvM, since it contains everything you need. A simple shield with faint resistance is recommended when it comes to PvM, farming, hunting quests, etc. My suggestion for the Arrow's Bonus is: 1. Damage resistance 100% 2. Skill Damage resistance 100% 3. Poison resistance 100% 4. Damage 250% 5. Damage 250% 6. Strong against Monsters 250% 7. Strong against Monsters 250%
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