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  4. @iBull if u mean the game , yes is still online https://united2.global/ , but about guild i dont know
  5. Hi Guys ! I'm an OG United player who used to have the guild PATROCLE. Is it still alive ?
  6. They are not bugged is just some players have scrools saved at them and kill them so ofc you will not see them , they are in some special places!
  7. Update your net framework, windows update, also if you have more then 1 antivirus could affect you, bassically the problem is from your pc/laptop! Regards United2!
  8. means your account is not activated, if after you activate it and is same contact me in discord!
  9. Inca nu avem o data , dar vom anunta data cand va fi una
  10. Salut , se stie o data exacta sau luna in care o sa fie deschis Elysium ?
  11. I tried to logging so many times but i think my account id is too long and that's why i am getting this message: "Ups,something went wrong, contact support"
  12. I returned to this server after a big stop, glad I could found you again! I downloaded the game and at first it was fine, it opened the game well, I played for like an hour or so but then an error appeared and crashed my game. I tried to open it up again but I can't, I've tried to see if it was compatibility issues, reinstalled it like 5 times already and nothing. As I try to open it, an error box blinks and I can't take a print or even read it because it's so fast. I really wanted to get back to the game along with my cousin, but this has been frustrating trying to play it.
  13. Hello dear community! Happy Easter. The Easter event contains: New Dungeon of EasterCostumes and hairstylesSkinsDrop eventStones with special dropSpecials mobsPetsMounts Presentation: > Main NPC <Info : Chocolate guardian is the main npc, here you find everything related to the Easter event.Location: Map1 >Easter Drop<Location : Easter Dungeon Stone/Mob Drops : Hit the (?) Mark and you will see the drop from the respective monster. > New Easter Dungeon <Info : The entrance is made at Chocolate guardian in Map1. Minimum level 100 You need 10x Magical egg can drop everywhere between level 100-250 Waiting time : 60 minutes. [Floor 1] Destroy the stone to move on. [Floor 2] Defeat all monsters to move on. [Floor 3] Defeat the big T'ash rabbit to move on. [Floor 4] You have 3 minutes to kill all monsters unitil the stone spawned. Destroy the Easter Stone to move on. [Floor 5] [Step 1] Destroy the stone and put the Chocolate on the Chocolate guardian to move on. [Step 2] Find fresh carrot and bring it back to Chocolate guardian(the carrot can be found at the ground, click on them) [Step 3] Destroy right stone and get Piece of stone from it and bring it back to Chocolate guardian [Floor 6] Destroy the Easter basket and collect the Blue easter egg and drag to Easter Basket until you full the Basket. After you full the Basket click on it and this will give you Easter basket ,now go to talk with Chocolate guardian [Floor 7] [Step 1] Destroy the monsters they will drop you Spring key put the key on the Easter chest to move on. [Step 2] Destroy the stones they will drop you Spring key put the key on the Easter chest to move on. [Step 3] Defeat the T'ash they will drop you Spring key put the key on the Easter chest to move on. [Step 4] Destroy the monsters they will drop you Spring key put the key on the Easter chest to move on. [Floor 8] Defeat the Final Boss Urdush. During event you're able to receive: To receive Easter Eggs you need :Magic Egg , this item will give you x5 Easter egg . What we do with Easter Eggs? - DRAG the EGGS on the Chocolate guardian > Crafting system <
  14. Hi, I've been searching for gnoll minotaur for like 2 days on all channels and I haven't seen him spawn once, on the entire map. I was wondering if maybe it was bugged or something ?
  15. Salut ,am o problema la cont 

    pe site merge sa ma loghez si in joc zice ca e parola gresita,am schimbato de cateva ori si tot asa imi da


    1. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

      ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

      pai pe site e cu email si parola

      pe joc e cu login si parola

      care sunt diferite setate de tine

  16. How can i solve this error? Every time i open the game it shows this message in notes... "----------------------------------------------------------------- - AdvancedControlProtection : Botões de navegação - Detected // Detected. - AdvancedControlProtection : Game Close. // The game is closing."
  17. I get disconnected randomly while i do dungeon/boss runs. Mostly happened in Ice Dungeon from 3rd to the 4th floor. Flame dungeon also and Enchanted forest. I hope someone will fix this because it is frustrating to wait 30 to 60 minutes to re-enter the dungeon because you get randomly disconnected or the client crashes. Even happend more times in a row in the same day
  18. hello i download game and i updated 100 % i bought corona custom it show me in game like this icon i dont know what is wrong https://prnt.sc/rnt2n3
  19. Qet


    What are the smartest ways to get the most possible EXP?
  20. nu primesc email nu raspunde nmn pe discord
  21. @IVO was promoted to Game Admin! @Madness was promoted to Game Admin!
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  23. [[Template forums/front/topics/topic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]

  24. Hello, Members we have to make an annoucement, ''why we had/have the server offline still'' because our ''dear host'' had a problem on our dedicate from the server so bassically our dedicate get burned and we losed everything, they don't have a backup i had a nice argue with them but they cannot do nothing still, so bassically what we gonna do it's like that i have some logs but not all of them , we have the server but we missing all the accounts and players so you will have to register once again and i'm gonna help each of you which had lvl,reborn, items, and you will remake them again that's the only solution if you like it, ''what we did about the host company'' we changed the host strait away and we gonna have always backup for everything from now on, so everyone will be helped out and everything will get back to normal i'm gonna help any each of you and my staff to, also i suggest to not try to ask for more then you had before cause logs can be checked by the right time and lies are not admited, but in order to reopen the server i cannot check 25474 players/account so my staff and you know each other what you had and we gonna do a small check but also we need to talk to each other to solve it quick with every each of you, the server will be reopen on 28/01/2019, also another quick annoucement ''in 3 months from now our second server ELYSIUM(nonmalled server) will be opened, you will like it more then everything, i hope i was clear and you understand us sorry for the incovenience!
  25. cand iese serverul din metenanta.

  26. @Zandorielhas been added in the team as Trial Game Master! @Miracle has been added in the team as Trial Game Master! @SunShine has been added in the team as Trial Game Master! @Hydrus has been added in the team as Trial Game Master!
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