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  2. Hello.The video speaks for itself
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  5. Topic Closed! Answer Received!
  6. it means u didnt activate your character by email go to your email
  7. this is my youtube profile and i hope you enjoy on clips and have fun

  8. that's mean you wrong the username or the password , try to reset your password on site with the correct email from your account!
  9. i can't LOG IN, i enter my ID and pass and it gives me a message :"Ups, something went wrong, contact support" Please Help Me
  10. Cand intru in joc si scriu tot ce trebuie si dau conectare zice ca ceva nu a mers bine si sa contactez suportul.


    1. Nordic


      alteori zice ca se conecteaza dar nu ne intampla nimic


  11. You have now 4 which they are working and they are 100coins per each 😉, Mining Event it's more then enough to make coins , you have also stay4coins which it's mean to stay online, vote 400coins per 12hours, hunting quest which if you do all of it it's worth around 70000coins,+ alot of more events which they are daily, it's enough just to mine ,vote,stay online and to do hunting quest and you get full easy peasy! Regards Alex! ⚡
  12. Hy, Everyoane remember to participate on our GiveAways every week on discord there you have the link! That GiveAway it's weekly and 15 person randomly selected auto by a bot win 1,5k coins per each person, so you can join on it to you can be lucky!
  13. BlackJack


    There are 6 Vote4coins that we can vote to earn coins.. but only one of them is working.. the Top200 voting.. what about the other five??.. people here are getting bored due to expensive upgrading and SMBC :D.. some of the player here can't afford to donate just to get coins.. Mining is not enough to get coins :D it took an hours to collect ores for 500coins :P.. in vote4coins.. we can only get 100coins once per 12hrs.. the SMBC cost 1k up coins its totally booring to do :D .. What if ..if you reduce the price of SMBC or increase the rate of coins in vote4coins and increase the time interval 4 votes :D
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  15. You can download it just try one of our download option!
  16. There is a lot ways you can get coins son 1.Stay Afk 2.Go in mining events every Friday as far do I remember Friday night start 3.You can Vote at here there is 6 ways and it's easy for you to vote you have to choice a the system with hour
  17. I wand to download the game but i can t. When i try to load the game there apear an unknow error I don t know why!! Please some support ?
  18. How can i have fast en and easy getting coins
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  20. Change your password via sub accounts on website, in order to change the code in game.
  21. I reply to you already on discord, ely it's gonna be opened we don't know a date, we work on it and that's it, do you think if you spam always you solve something nop, we don't rush we like things to be perfect so that's why we don't rush with ely! Regards Alex!
  22. I just saw that the newest post about elysium opening was in February and i just wanted to reopen this topic again. Elysium was too much fun for me so I just wanted to ask again, is it ever going to be opened? It was one of the best servers ive played on and i dont really enjoy malling at all and i think some people dont too. I would love to know if its gonna open again or should I just forget about it?
  23. Great ideea, that's gonna be added soon just a bit changed! Congrats!
  24. You have to register with email and captcha what captcha does say and in captcha remember to don't do any of mistakes......
  25. Like could be even every 1 million yang 1 coin in exchange ..:P
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