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    no more 4 work only 2 nowadays but still more than enough.
  3. I mean if I could switch from mine to the other side, and then still be able to keep my stuff in the bank or would I have to begin from nothing? Would be a lot better.
  4. please use a browser for website, not a mobile browser.
  5. It doesn't matter got em back thanks alot
  6. Nevermind I already got em back so thanks.
  7. Added a picture it's on my phone so quality&graphic could be the problem, which could also be the reason...
  8. I can't even add first 3 bonuses because they're hidden behind,which made me spend 12k for nothing and besides can't continue doing quests because of that. Could someone try and fix.
  9. Long story short 12k are no longer inside.
  10. Another one as explained earlier. Never happened before thought I'd give it another try and boom nothing another 5k just like that.
  11. I'm on Midgard but order through site so it matters not so nevermind.
  12. As I said before, I spent like 12k coins and nothing. Coins are gone from inventory, but the stuff I bought isn't even showing up... Is there any way someone could give a refund or atleast the stuff I ordered maybe?
  13. ☀ Summer Event -The beach moves to us ⛱ In the kingdoms a new challenge just appeared for the true warriors of the Mystical Legion.The Elrios King Lobster has rised and he's threatening the welfare of the kingdoms! Be the first true warrior who's risking his life in order to protect the kingdom from the Elrios King Lobster's evil power and BECOME A LEGEND! Now is your time to shine! Do not miss this opportunity to fight and to save the world! The duration of the event : July 2020 - August 2020 The Summer event contains: New map (Elrios Island) Drop event Stones with special drop Specials mobs Weapon Skin with special bonus Details: Presentation: > Main NPC <Info : Elrios Guardian is the main npc, here you find everything related to the Summer event.Location: Map1 > Summer Drop <Location : Elrios Island Juice Bottle : Summer Chest : Mob Drops : Boss Drops : Stone Drops :
  14. @Death has been added in the team as Trial Game Master! @Apollo has been added in the team as Trial Game Master! @Osiris has been added in the team as Trial Game Master!
  15. can i play om linux?
  16. @Aqua has been added in the team as Game Master!
  17. @SunShine was removed from the staff due the personal reason! @Zandoriel was removed from the staff due the personal reason!
  18. @Madness was removed from the staff! @Hydrus was removed from the staff!
  19. @iBull if u mean the game , yes is still online https://united2.global/ , but about guild i dont know
  20. Hi Guys ! I'm an OG United player who used to have the guild PATROCLE. Is it still alive ?
  21. They are not bugged is just some players have scrools saved at them and kill them so ofc you will not see them , they are in some special places!
  22. Update your net framework, windows update, also if you have more then 1 antivirus could affect you, bassically the problem is from your pc/laptop! Regards United2!
  23. means your account is not activated, if after you activate it and is same contact me in discord!
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