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Hello, Members we have to make an annoucement, ''why we had/have the server offline still'' because our ''dear host'' had a problem on our dedicate from the server so bassically our dedicate get burned and we losed everything, they don't have a backup i had a nice argue with them but they cannot do nothing still, so bassically what we gonna do it's like that i have some logs but not all of them , we have the server but we missing all the accounts and players so you will have to register once again and i'm gonna help each of you which had lvl,reborn, items, and you will remake them again that's the only solution if you like it, ''what we did about the host company'' we changed the host strait away and we gonna have always backup for everything from now on, so everyone will be helped out and everything will get back to normal i'm gonna help any each of you and my staff to, also i suggest to not try to ask for more then you had before cause logs can be checked by the right time and lies are not admited, but in order to reopen the server i cannot check 25474 players/account so my staff and you know each other what you had and we gonna do a small check but also we need to talk to each other to solve it quick with every each of you, the server will be reopen on 28/01/2019, also another quick annoucement ''in 3 months from now our second server ELYSIUM(nonmalled server) will be opened, you will like it more then everything, i hope i was clear and you understand us sorry for the incovenience!


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